分類 学位論文・卒論・特別研究
Author(s)/ 著者名 田谷 瑛悟
Key/ キー Eigo Taya
Title/ 表題 バスシステムの構築を容易にする組み合わせ型フレームワークの提案
Month/ 刊行月 February
Year/ 出版年 2020
Note/ 付加情報
Annote/ 注釈
Abstract/ 内容梗概 Many bus operators and content providers operate systems that provide information such as times and bus routes.
However, even if each bus operator wants to provide unique functions or information to increase their competitive power, it is difficult to add them to systems operated by different content providers.
Thus, bus operators need to build their systems in that case.
On the other hand, bus information is usually provided after it is searched and then assembled, hence most functions provided to users are similar in systems operated by different operators.
Therefore, in this research, I propose a framework that assembles common functions in many systems to help develop unique systems.
The framework provides 1) basic functions (primitive functions) that are necessary to build functions for providing to users and 2) general functions (integrated functions) of bus systems that are defined as assembled primitive functions.
Developers can reduce the time and effort of development other than the development of unique functions by assembling primitive functions or using integrated functions.

[9-50]  田谷 瑛悟, バスシステムの構築を容易にする組み合わせ型フレームワークの提案, 2020.

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