分類 学位論文・卒論・特別研究
Author(s)/ 著者名 中村 優太
Key/ キー Yuta Nakamura
Title/ 表題 ソフトウェアメトリクスを用いた高可読性コーディング能力の定量的評価
Month/ 刊行月 February
Year/ 出版年 2018
Note/ 付加情報
Annote/ 注釈
Abstract/ 内容梗概 On the software development site, the time cost of the task of reading the source code is large and it is required to be implemented with highly readable source code. However, at the educational site, readability is rarely evaluated, and few students implement implementations that are conscious of readability. In this research, we try to quantitatively measure the readability of the whole source code using software metrics. In this paper, we try quantitative evaluation method for differences in indentation and readability depending on difference in algorithm.

[9-41]  中村 優太, ソフトウェアメトリクスを用いた高可読性コーディング能力の定量的評価, 2018.

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