分類 学位論文・卒論・特別研究
Author(s)/ 著者名 應治 沙織
Key/ キー Saori Ouji
Title/ 表題 レビュー開始時における対象物の比較指 示によるバグ発見率の向上
Month/ 刊行月 March
Year/ 出版年 2016
Note/ 付加情報
Annote/ 注釈
Abstract/ 内容梗概 Source code review is a method that read source codes under developing to detect defects. The methods’efficiency is strongly influenced by performance of the develop- ers. Our previous study showed that higher performance developers’reading pattern during code review is different from low performance developer. In this pa- per, authors measure an effect of reading pattern instruction that the high performance developer execute. The instruction is constructed based on the analysis of the higher performance developers’ eye movement; Reviewer read an entire of source code and design documents at the beginning of code review, then verifies a consistency between design document and source code. In the experiment, authors divide subjects into two group, give the instruction for one of the groups. The effect of the instruction is evaluated by comparing the fault detection ratio be- tween the two groups. The result of the experiment showed that fault detection ratio of the instruction group is significantly higher than the non-instructed group; the fault detection ratio of instruction group was 17.1% higher at most.

[9-29]  應治 沙織, レビュー開始時における対象物の比較指 示によるバグ発見率の向上, 2016.

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