分類 学位論文・卒論・特別研究
Author(s)/ 著者名 池田 祥平
Key/ キー Shohei Ikeda
Title/ 表題 ソフトウェア品質の第三者評価のための作業履歴計測手法
Month/ 刊行月 March
Year/ 出版年 2016
Note/ 付加情報
Annote/ 注釈
Abstract/ 内容梗概 This paper proposes third-party evaluation of software development process using activity-record. The third-party evaluation can evaluate the process based on real activities and while being developed. This paper makes an automatic activity-record method for the third-party evaluation. The method can (1) Easily record many developer's activity-logs, (2) Prevent tampering of activity-logs, (3) Match activities and products.

[9-28]  池田 祥平, ソフトウェア品質の第三者評価のための作業履歴計測手法, 2016.

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