分類 学位論文・卒論・特別研究
Author(s)/ 著者名 幾谷 吉晴
Key/ キー Yoshiharu Ikutani
Title/ 表題 ソースコードの構成要素による前頭葉活発化の要因分析
Month/ 刊行月 March
Year/ 出版年 2016
Note/ 付加情報
Annote/ 注釈
Abstract/ 内容梗概 Brain activity measurement, such as fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy), has been used recently to quantify program comprehension process. However it is still unclear what brain activity measurement can evaluate and analyze. This paper investigates what factor of source code activates developers' frontal pole during program comprehension. We conducted three experiments each relates to memorizing, calculation, and conditional branches in source code. We measured subjects' frontal pole during the tasks with NIRS. The result indicates that the subjects' brain activated when 1) conduct a complex calculation, 2) memorize multiple values, and 3) variables and conditional branch appear in the same time. The results suggest that NIRS evaluates complex tasks in program comprehension without affect of simple calculation.

[9-27]  幾谷 吉晴, ソースコードの構成要素による前頭葉活発化の要因分析, 2016.

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